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Supra Cat-8 STP - 12m - 12 μέτρα


Το Supra Cat-8 STP ειναι καλωδιο cat8 δικτυου πολυ υψηλης αποδοσης και περιορισμενων απωλειων.

Το προϊόν είναι άμεσα διαθέσιμο

Το Supra Cat-8 STP ειναι καλωδιο cat8 δικτυου πολυ υψηλης αποδοσης και περιορισμενων απωλειων.

Supra Cat 8 is once more one step ahead by providing a future proof cable, e.g. 40GBASE-T over one singel cable! It is used beneficially in TCP/IP and UDP applications where bit-correct, jitter-free data transmissions is critical, e.g. 4K and 8K video streaming, high quality music streaming (e.g. 32 bits @ < 700 kHz for some downloadable music and in-studio applications), gaming and data centers, and in-building installations such as hotels, conference facilities, among others.

Further it is available pre-connected as patch cables in a number of standard lengths, refer to available variant meny, pre-connected with Supra RJ45 Connectors, a fully shielded connector supporting the astonishing performance of the cable also under tough service conditions and it is possible to connect on-site.

HDBaseT is transmitted over 6A up to 100 m (328 ft) long, with 8P8C modular connectors of the type commonly used for ethernet local area network connections. From Cat 6A to Cat 8 the step is four times the bandwidth. Supra Cat 8 allows for 2,000 MHz(!) an incredible transfer speed providing for quality enhancing massive headroom. 

HDBaseT transmits uncompressed ultra-high-definition video (up to 4K), audio, power over HDBaseT (PoHDBaseT - up to 100W), Ethernet, USB, and a series of controls such as RS and IR.

Features and benefits
  • Performance better than "8.2" according to preliminary specification IEC 61156-10 - Astonishing future proof transfer speeds
  • Excellent NEXT (= crosstalk), very low dampening and mutual lead pair interference - Bit correct transfers
  • Low dampening - long cable lengths without signal degradation or voltage drops for PoE
  • Excellent shielding, both pair and total - Almost completely interference immune with very low pick-up
  • Low jitter, perfect timing - Very low bit stream timing errors gives low needs for error corrections, thus high transfer speeds
  • Supra Connectors - Allows for maintained transmission performance also under tough service conditions
  • Bandwidth at 2,000 MHz - Buckle up because this is going to be a ride to remember ...
  • Flame retardant, halogen-free - Allowed in public spaces and buildings
  • Made in Sweden!

Installation and patch cable for all networks conforming to ISO/IEC 11801 and EN 50173 (2nd issue), for computer centrals according to ISO/IEC 24764, EN 50173-5 and also TR 11801-99-1. Ideal for all applications from D up to FA and Class II, Multimedia (TV, video, data, voice) >40 GbE enligt IEEE 802.3 bq (draft), cabel sharing, VoIP and PoE/PoE+

Mechanical Specifications
Cat 8 Patch Ethernet Cord
Supra RJ45 Male ? Supra RJ45 Male
Signal direction
Application examples 
Ethernet 40GBASE-T

Cable design
4 pair, Cat 8 S/STP PIMF
Lead area
0.23 / 26
mm/ AWG
Number of strands
Lead material
Bright drawn oxygen-free 5N copper
Air-injected, low capacitance PE
Inner shield
Aluminium foil
Outer shield
Tin plated, oxygen-free 5N copper braid
Outer dimension
Ø 6
Flame retardancy

Electrical performance
Ohm / km
pF / m
Skew @ 100 MHz
5 / 100
ns / m
Velocity factor
C (speed of light)


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Exposure 2010s2 DSD - USB - Wolfson Dac - silver
Exposure 2010s2 DSD - USB - Wolfson Dac - silver
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