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Spendor Classic 100


Το Spendor Classic 100 ειναι ηχειο βασεως , 3 δρομων με μεγαφωνα κατασκευης Spendor . Δεκτες ανταλλαγες . Δυνατοτητα δοσεων μεσω πιστωτικης .

Το προϊόν είναι διαθέσιμο κατόπιν παραγγελίας

Το Spendor Classic 100 ειναι ηχειο βασεως , 3 δρομων με μεγαφωνα κατασκευης Spendor .

Δεκτες ανταλλαγες . Δυνατοτητα δοσεων μεσω πιστωτικης .

  • 22mm wide surround tweeter with fluid cooling for extended (25kHz) response
  • 180mm Spendor made midrange drive unit with phase correction design
  • 300mm Spendor made bass driver with lightweight bextrene cone
  • Audio grade crossover components with gold conductors
  • Silver plated pure copper internal cables throughout
  • Gold plated binding posts on the rear
  • Temperature stabilised rubberised cabinet damping pads
  • Classic thin-wall design to reference standards

3-way stand mounting loudspeaker
Enclosure type
HF drive unit
22mm wide-surround dome with fluid cooling
MF drive unit
180mm Spendor made EP77 polymer cone
LF drive unit
300mm Spendor made bextrene cone
89dB for 1 watt at 1 metre
Crossover point
490 Hz, 3.6 kHz
Frequency response
25 Hz to 25 kHz ± 3dB anechoic
8 ohms nominal
Impedance minimum
5.5 ohms
Power handling
25-250 watts unclipped programme
Gold 2/3 way binding posts bi-wired
Cabinet (HxWxD)
700 x 370 x 433mm
cherry , dark walnut
36 kg each

Classic series brochure :  

Finishes :

Reviews :

Hifi plus Magazine

January 2008
"The Spendors possessed a snappy, tight and extremely rhythmic bottom end... ...orchestral music had that great sense of authority and scale that it so believable, while well recorded rock music with real drums was just awesome"
What Hifi Magazine

April 2008
"A wonderfully engaging sound with plenty of scale; tonal refinement; great midrange; easy to drive and partner... ...few if any can deliver music - any music from Metallica to Madonna to Mahler - in such a fluid, natural and downright insightful manner. There are some great speakers at this price level, but it's hard to think of any that deliver such a beguilingly balanced performance"

What Hifi Magazine

October 2011

"The SP100R²'s are gentle giants. They do everything you could hope for in such a large design, but with a grace and refinement that their appearance doesn't even hint at."

"...the SP100R² doesn't smack you in the chest. Instead the lows flow, swelling as the music demands, while agility and definiton are still crisp. Move upward and it's all good news. The new in-house midrange unit along with the 22mm wide surround tweeter combine to deliver a lovely, natural presentation. The SP100R² manages to sound fluid, informative and entertaining without edginess, even with poor recordings."

"Perhaps the SP100R²'s biggest strength is that they're easy to listen to for hours without getting tiring. Their ability to reveal and entertain while remaining undemanding is a rare one."

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