Heed Obelisk SI

Ο Heed Obelisk SI ειναι ενας δικαναλος ενισχυτης 2x50 wrms στα 8 Ωμ. Εισοδοι: 4x RCA line In, 1x S/PDIF. Εξοδοι 1x pair RCA Tape Out, 1x pair speakers terminals. Δεχεται εσωτερικα καρτες: MM phono, DAC 1.3, DAC 2.3. Κατασκευασμενος με εξαιρετικα υλικα, σχεδιαστηκε να ειναι διαφανος και μουσικος με ζεστες χροιες.

Obelisk SI silver Διαθεσιμότητα: 4-10 ημέρες 1990.00€
Obelisk SI black Άμεση Διαθεσιμότητα 1990.00€
Obelisk SI + X2 PSU silver Διαθεσιμότητα: 4-10 ημέρες 3180.00€
Obelisk SI + X2 PSU black Διαθεσιμότητα: 4-10 ημέρες 3180.00€


Ο Heed Obelisk SI ειναι ενας δικαναλος ενισχυτης 2x50 wrms στα 8 Ωμ. Εισοδοι: 4x RCA line In, 1x S/PDIF. Εξοδοι 1x pair RCA Tape Out, 1x pair speakers terminals. Δεχεται εσωτερικα καρτες: MM phono, DAC 1.3, DAC 2.3. Αναβαθμισιμος με το εξωτερικο τροφοδοτικο Χ2.

Κατασκευασμενος με εξαιρετικα υλικα, σχεδιαστηκε να ειναι διαφανος και μουσικος με ζεστες χροιες.

Εγγυηση Αντιπροσωπειας. Δυνατοτητα δοσεων.

There was a neat shoebox amplifier in the 1980’s which stirred emotions in unsuspecting hifi-freaks and music lovers alike. Sadly, the unbashedly different design of the original Ion Obelisk had become entirely forgotten. Well, almost entirely.

After two decades of silence, we have resurrected this legendary integrated, updating its exterior aesthetics and internal components. More importantly, however, we challenged ourselves with the demanding task of preserving the classic Obelisk’s absorbing delivery and infectious musicality, while offering even greater transparency, leading-edge detail and more gripping dynamics. Mission accomplished – the Obelisk Si has become a must-hear sensation straight out of the gate.

During the years of evolution, the Obelisk Si showed us the nature of RC-coupled amplifiers. By the designing of the current version of this amp, we have found the solution that describes the magic it creates. Transcap technology is now our main path, which we intend to follow, unaccompanied in the world.

The Obelisk Si III rated at a great healthy 50 watts per channel. Don’t be fooled by the kilowatt amps, this fifty is like a valve-amp fifty. And more, as a Transcap amplifier is rather different in this aspect. With this kind of power the Si is capable of astonishing dynamic authority and massive transients any time. Further on, there are the X2 or X4 power supplies, which converts the Si-system into a preamp/power amp combo with dual mono power amplifiers. Now that’s something classy!

To be more versatile, we have worked out an upgrade card system for some of our devices. The first input of the Si can be transformed into an MM phono input or an S/PDIF digital input via our upgrade cards. If you don’t like the many and more little boxes around you, this highly integrated system is your saviour.


  • 5 analogue inputs
  • Optional MM phono or DAC card
  • Upgradeable power supply (see Obelisk X2)
  • Transcap technology


  • Inputs: 5x analogue / 1x S/PDIF digital
  • Outputs: 1x stereo speaker / 1x Tape out
  • Frequency response: 5 Hz – 60 kHz
  • Input impedance: 10 kΩ
  • Input sensitivity: 250 mV
  • Power (8Ω): 50 W / channel
  • SNR: 96 dB
  • Supported upgrade cards: MM phono / DAC 1.3 / DAC 2.3
  • Power supply options: internal / Obelisk X2
  • Max. consumption: 200 W
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 22 x 8.5 x 36 cm

About Heed Technology

More than a simple human touch

Creating something is a wonderful feeling. To witness the numerous pieces of electronic and mechanical parts being hand crafted to form a complete working device is delightful. Every single component receives exacting attention and is the perfect element to provide you with an unrivalled musical experience.

From the hand soldering of the circuit boards to the fine adjustments of the volume knob, we ensure every process and incorporate only the highest quality components to make a Heed amplifier the best in class. Rigorous quality control provides the highest possible standard and reliability of our devices. Every single device meets our strict performance regulations but similar to twins, we know that each and every one produced is unique to you.

Tuned non-direct coupled amplifier technology

When you own a Heed amplifier you meet technology that you most probably have never seen in action before. Like the almost forgotten (and then reincarnated) valve technology, the output capacitor transistor amplifiers can normally only be found in the deepest recesses of engineers drawers. The technical difficulties of RC-Coupling means almost 100% of todays manufacturers opt for the easier direct-coupled solutions instead. With great effort and countless development hours there is a way to employ an up to date and sonically better sounding RC-Coupled amplifier. We have chosen this way.

Like the belt of a great turntable or the output transformer of a valve amplifier, the output capacitor makes for a great decoupling between the amp and the speaker. But the main advantage is the fact that a capacitor is an energy storage device. By design, this capacitor connects directly onto the speaker, with no in-between elements. Power delivery becomes rapid and precise. To charge this power element, we use a push-pull complementary Darlington transistor drive stage.

This power transforming system needs to be perfectly balanced. The heart of our Transcap technology lies in the precise adjustment of all the charge transmitting and current delivery channels. This propels all the common amplifier components; mains transformer, power supply, voltage and power amplifier stages, into something radically different. You may see now, this is no ordinary amp and it cannot be measured by common standards. Using our methods the sound becomes thick, warm, yet clear and life-like, as it properly translates the electronic signal into the acoustic world.

Transmission-line-reflex speaker loading

Every dynamic speaker driver needs some kind of acoustical load to work as it should. The most common solution is a cavity attached onto the back side of the diaphragm. This speaker box may be closed or vented. The vented ones are trickier to design because there are many parameters impacting on the result. There are ‘rule of thumb’ designing guides to make such boxes as bass-reflex, transmission-line, open baffle, compound or horn loading, each of them handled like an entirely different solution.

Acoustics are however based on physical facts. If we use a vented enclosure with an opening at one side, it will be a resonant chamber, even if we use it as a transmission-line element. The adjustment of such enclosure needs extra care and attention. Incorporating all known calculating methods we build enclosures that fit all aspects. This is the perfect way to slip between working states, achieving the crisp, fast and rhythmical but yet fluid and almost organic sound we oh so like.

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