Sennheiser Accentum white - noise cancellation

Τα Sennheiser Accentum ειναι ασυρματα bluetooth over ear ακουστικα, κλειστου τυπου με συστημα active noise cancellation.

Τιμή Καταλόγου: 186.00€

Διαθεσιμότητα: 1-3 ημέρες


Τα Sennheiser Accentum ειναι ασυρματα bluetooth over ear ακουστικα, κλειστου τυπου με συστημα active noise cancellation.

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High-value and high-performance headphones
The form-fitting Sennheiser Accentum wireless headphones are loaded with some of the company's best features. Chief among them — Sennheiser's signature dynamic drivers, tuned for sonic clarity and deep bass. These headphones also boast up to 50 hours of battery life and top-notch hybrid adaptive noise cancellation.

Newer processing and circuitry work together with four built-in microphones to help knock out loud distractions. Together, they read external sounds and distractions, then adjust the amount of noise cancellation in real time.

Strong, high-quality wireless audio
Music plays wirelessly from your phone via Bluetooth 5.2 — a newer, more reliable version of Bluetooth. For higher quality streaming, aptX® HD technology is on board. It can preserve more musical detail from compatible sources.

Stay aware when you're out and about
When you need to be aware of your surroundings, you can push the "main" button on the right earcup. This turns off the active noise cancellation and activates "Transparency" Mode. It uses the built-in mic to increase the volume of ambient sounds, so you can hear what's going on around you.

Sennheiser's free app lets you adjust the sound and noise cancellation
For manual control over the sound profile, download the free Smart Control app to your Apple® or Android™ device. It lets you tweak the out-of-the-box sound. Choose from sound setting presets, adjust the EQ manually, or use the app's equalizer screen to make tonal adjustments based on your mood.


  • over-the-ear, closed-back design
  • built-in Bluetooth 5.2 for wireless music listening and phone calls
    • aptX-HD® and AAC decoding provides high-quality music streaming from compatible devices
    • aptX Low Latency decoding helps sync audio and video on compatible devices
  • rechargeable battery provides up to 50 hours of wireless use with noise cancellation
    • 10-minute quick charge provides up to 5 hours of battery life
  • 37mm dynamic drivers deliver clear sound tuned for strong bass

Active noise cancellation:

  • hybrid noise-canceling circuitry automatically adjusts to the level of external sound
  • Transparency mode lets you hear external sounds and voices

Controls and mobile app:

  • free Sennheiser Smart Control app for Apple® and Android™ allows you to adjust settings and customize the sound
    • select from preset sound modes or customize your own setting
  • dedicated earcup buttons for control over music, calls, volume, and noise cancellation
    • built-in microphone for phone calls
  • earcup button can summon Google Assistant or Siri on your smartphone or tablet
    • ask questions, dictate texts, and control music by voice
    • requires one-time setup on Smart Control app

General info, accessories, and specs:

  • snug fit with ergonomic, oval-shaped earpads
    • durable headband with soft, padded grip
    • headband does not fold up
  • USB-A to USB-C for charging and listening to compatible digital source
  • headphones must be powered on, no passive listening
  • frequency response: 10-22,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 108 dB

What's in the box:

  • Over-ear headphones (black)
  • 48" USB audio/charging cable (USB-A on one end and USB-C on other end)
  • Quick Guide
  • Safety Instructions
  • Compliance Information

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